Synopsis: Presented by: Xiuli Zhang, The practice of high-density 3D seismic acquisition in high-altitude complex Kulong Mountain Multichannel GPR, living tree-trunk images, river beds, tunnel boring machine caution lights, and UXO detection. Presented by: William Pettitt, Estimates of primary production volumes of unconventional shale reservoirs using dynamic-parameter analysis of microseismicity: Validation case study applying topology on discrete fracture networks Presented by: Tyler Spackman, Frequent, multiwell, stand-alone 3D-DAS VSP for low-cost reservoir monitoring in deepwater SEG TECHNICAL PROGRAM EXPANDED ABSTRACTS, ISSN: 1949-4645; Ikeda K., Goldfarb E., Tisato N. (2017). Presented by: Zhaolun Liu, Building initial models for full-waveform Inversion of shallow targets by surface-waves dispersion curves clustering and data transform Presented by: Jesper Dramsch, Machine learning–based method for automated well-log processing and interpretation Supervised seismic facies analysis using discrimination dictionary Analyzing VSP data and using DAS to acquire highly sampled wavefields. Presented by: Song Jianyong, Using well-seismic mistie to update the velocity model Presented by: Guanchao Wang, Elastic full-waveform inversion by b-spline projection SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2018, 1946-1950, 2018. Data-driven initial-model estimation with application to marine CSEM data Fully coupled poro-mechanical basin models for pressure and effective stress prediction, with application to a mini-basin in voluminous salt Insights from a geomechanical model and salt imaging Presented by: Stig Hestholm, Modeling the effects of a dynamic rough sea surface Presented by: Dalila Cherief-Djioua, Earthquake early warning: Opportunity to prevent/limit damage to people and property at California refineries and oil production facilities Presented by: Cesar Mayes, Subsurface wavefields based on the generalized internal multiple imaging You can disable cookies at any time. Presented by: Guiting Chen, An improved method of elastic-reflection traveltime inversion for velocity modeling based on decoupled wave equations Presented by: Christopher Baiyegunhi, Estimating depths of magnetic bodies under volcanic cover using Euler deconvolution Presented by: Dennis Yanchak. Presented by: Ludovic Metivier, Overcoming cycle skipping in full-waveform inversion by reducing the adjoint sources oscillations Or exploiting it? Processing passive seismic data recorded on a dense array for CCS site characterization Detection of conductive fluids associated with hydraulic fracturing using surface based CSEM: Steel casing effects Presented by: Joseph Jennings. Presented by: Sarah Morton, Dispersion inversion of guided P-waves in a waveguide of arbitrary geometry Least-squares reverse time migration using the impedance-sensitivity kernel Presented by: Florian Smit, Comprehensive method for a multi-2D seismic interpretation Presented by: Florent Brondolo, Compaction and cement volume analyses of the Lower Wilcox sandstone along the Texas Gulf Coast Presented by: Sean Walker. SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2014: pp. Petrochilos and Drew Noise reduction on microseismic data acquired … Presented by: Roberto Pereira, Using model of attenuation in the prediction of internal multiples: Data-driven workflow and field data example The use of geophysical methods and processing techniques to improve the quality of diagnostic imaging from medical applications encompassing ultrasound, CT scan and electroencephalography. Presented by: Lu Zhou, New interpretation of the mid-Atlantic offshore using a novel integration of seismic sequence stratigraphy and petrophysical motifs Synopsis: Presented by: Ting Lei, Seismic Wheeler domain transform and time-frequency analysis for sedimentary system characterization in Bohai Oilfield Presented by: Albena Mateeva, Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) field trials for near-surface geotechnical properties, earthquake seismology, and mine monitoring Blended-acquisition design with irregular geometries for wide-azimuth sampling Presented by: TRIVENI GOGOI, Seismic estimation of reservoir properties with Bayesian evidential analysis Presented by: Teruhiko Hagiwara, DrillCam: A fully integrated real-time system to image and predict ahead and around the bit Reservoir analysis of turbidites, conglomerates, carbonates and volcanics. Presented by: Iftekhar Alam. Presented by: Shan Qu, A demigration-based reflection full-waveform inversion workflow Presented by: Liu Wentao, Location-based parameterization of CSEM data inversion for the monitoring of hydraulic fracturing with magnetically enhanced proppants Presented by: Sean Bader, Identification and characterization of natural fractures in gas shale reservoir using conventional and specialized logging tools Presented by: Peng An. Synopsis: Presented by: Nasreddine Bournas, Magnetic on-time transient electromagnetic method (MoTEM) for imaging magnetic susceptibility 2015: The system can't perform the operation now. Presented by: Muhammad Abbasi. Presented by: Iris Fernandes, Absolute acoustic-impedance estimation with L1 norm constraint and combined first and second order TV regularizations Synopsis: Presented by: Chengcheng Gong. Presented by: Andrew Reynen, Patch-level MLP classification for improved fault detection Presented by: Jiajia Sun, ITRESC: A fast and efficient method to recover the basement morphology from potential fields data Presented by: Jianhui Li, Least-square imaging of diffractions with a multiparameter sparsity constraint With more than 1,800 abstracts received for review, the 2018 Technical Program featured over 1,080 quality presentations in 151 diverse sessions, including ten Special Sessions and one Special Global Session. Presented by: Zhenyue Liu, Adaptive data-selection elastic full-waveform inversion Presented by: Bing Zhou, Finite-difference modeling with adaptive variable-length temporal and spatial operators Presented by: Anthony Hoch. Presented by: Robert Mellors, Multicomponent imaging with distributed acoustic sensing Papers related to migration, traveltime computation and related issues for folks doing anisotropic migration or waveform inversion. A deep-learning method for automatic fault detection Presented by: Tobias Orlander, Anisotropic poroelasticity: Does it apply to shale? Presented by: Jannis Makris, A study on the characteristics of deformation with multilevel detachment in East Sichuan Basin based on seismic data AH Shabelansky, K Osypov . Presented by: Joel Le Calvez, Velocity analysis and event estimation for passive seismic data using source focusing function Presented by: Einar Iversen, Benchmarking 3D time- and frequency-domain solvers for FWI applications for different cluster sizes and variable number of sources Presented by: Jingrui Luo, Improving old seismic using full-wavefield inversion and broadband processing: Imaging complex structures under shallow gas Monitoring downhole drilling vibrations using surface data through deep learning Presented by: Daniil Shantsev, Identification of geothermal reservoirs from ensemble-based Bayesian inversion of 3D MT data Presented by: Chiara Colombero, Moderate to very deep (> 150m to > 600 m) VS profiling in engineering studies using large, frequency-controlled, active sources and Rayleigh-type surface waves Presented by: Andrew Brenders, Improving subsalt reservoir imaging with reflection FWI: An OBN case study at Conger field, Gulf of Mexico Presented by: Biwen Wang, Seismic stratigraphy and fault-mechanical stratigraphy as methods to resolve the interpretation of an impact crater in the Chukchi Sea, Alaska The SEG Library Choice package includes all journal and meetings papers content hosted by SEG— Geophysics, The Leading Edge, Interpretation, SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts, Global Meeting Abstracts, the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, and the Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental … Presented by: Gang Yao, Unwrapped instantaneous-phase inversion based on new decompose method Presented by: Zhaoyang Su, 1D inversion of frequency-domain marine controlled-source electromagnetic data using a parallelized real-coded genetic algorithm Presented by: Gloria Arango Solano, Imaging solution to the seismic-disturbed zones of the South Fuwaris Oilfield Presented by: Luke Decker, Improving spatial resolution of seismic stack using inversion to zero-offset with shaping regularization Presented by: James Rutledge, Surface-seismic monitoring of an active CO2-EOR operation in the Texas Panhandle using broadband seismometers Synopsis: Presented by: Kui Zhang. Rock physics models linked to digital representation of rock frames are the common theme. © 1996-2021 Society of Exploration Geophysicists | All Rights Reserved, Learn more about the current SEG Annual Meeting, RP 6: Digital Rocks and Rock Physics Models, NS 2: Surface Wave Studies and Applications, NS 3: Novel Procedures and Agricultural Applications, NS 4: Tomography for Improved Imaging and Airborne Applications, MLDA 1: Classification for Interpretation 1, MLDA 2: Noise Attenuation and Seismic Processing 2, MLDA 3: Facies Classification and Reservoir Properties 2, MLDA 5: Various Machine Learning Applications 2, SPET 1: Acquisition-related Processing Challenges, AVOSI 2: Frequency Dependence and Inversion Methods, AVOSI 4: Theory and Deconvolution Methods, AVOSI 6: Theory, Methods and Applications, SPMI 3: Least-squares Imaging Examples and use of Multiples, SPMI 4: Wave Propagation and Imaging Methods, SPMI 5: Image Gather Generation and Processing, FWI 1: New Data Types and Regularizations, FWI 3: Computational and Practical Issues, FWI 4 : Cycle Skipping and Long-wavelength Updating 2, FWI 5: Elastic and Multiparameter Methods, PS 1: Detection, Location, and Characterization, PS 2: Event Location and Velocity Inversion, SVE 1: Case Studies and Practical Approaches, SVE 2: Theory: Wave-and Ray-based Methods, RC 1: Amplitudes, Attenuation and Attributes, RC 2: Bayesian Analysis, Statistical Methods and Machine Learning, RC 5: Imaging, Inversion and Integrated Studies, RC 6: Transforms, Spectral Decomposition and Signal Processing, INT 1: Interpretation Workflows and Techniques, INT 2: Interpretation Methods and Algorithms, INT 3: Stratigraphic and Facies Interpretation, INT 5: Event-picking and Reservoir Characterization, SGS 1: Southern Gulf of Mexico and Latin America, ACQ 3: Marine Vibrators and Compressive Sensing, SS 4: Geophysics and Medical Imaging Applications, SPMNR 2: Noise Attenuation and Regularization, ST 1: Wave Field Modeling, Analysis and Marchenko Imaging Methods, BG 3: Emerging Technology and New Applications, VSP 1: Processing, Imaging, and Case Studies, SS 8: VSP, Advanced Processing, and Imaging Approaches for DAS, SS 10: Novel DAS Sensing Strategies and Machine Learning, EM 1: Reservoir and Subsurface Integrity Monitoring with Steel Casing, SS 2: Developments and Applications of Surface-wave Methods, GM 2: Interpretation and Data Considerations, MLDA P1: Facies Classification and Reservoir Properties 1, MLDA P3: Classification for Interpretation 2, MLDA P5: Various Machine Learning Applications 1, MLDA P2: Noise Attenuation and Seismic Processing 1, NS P5: Electrical and Potential Modeling and Inversion, NS P2: Shallow Velocity and Coherency Improvement, RC P3: Tight Reservoirs, Fractures and Faults, RC P2: Inversion, Attributes, and Geostatistics, FWI P2: Cycle Skipping and Long-wavelength Updating 1, FWI P3: Multiple Parameters and Practical Issues, FWI P4: New Methods and Computational Issues, GM P1: Application of Interpretation Tools, SPMNR P1 : Noise Attenuation and Signal Processing Applications, ACQ P1: Land Equipment and Case Histories, ST P1: Data Analysis and Modeling Concepts, SPET P2: Imaging-related Processing Challenges, SPMI P3: Least-squares Migration Methods and Imaging Efficiency, SPMI P1: Elastic RTM and Enhanced Imaging Conditions, SPMI P2: Imaging Enhancement and Examples, ACQ P3: Survey Design, Blended Seismic, Sources, P-wave and S-wave joint acquisition technology and its application in Sanhu area, 3D field trial using a new nimble node: West Siberia, Russia, Evaluating designs for shallow target 3D land seismic surveys, Surface seismic with DAS: Looking deep and shallow at the same time, The case for a nimble node, towards a new land seismic receiver system with unlimited channels, Finite-element cosimulation and implementation of an eddy current impact seismic source, Geographic information systems for seismic pathway optimization, Uncertainty quantification for land-seismic acquisition, Benefits of continuous source and receiver side wavefields, Hexasource: Wide tow-dithered six-source marine acquisition in the Barents Sea, Reduced source volume marine acquisition in the Barents Sea, Ultralarge-scale wide-azimuth acquisition and broadband imaging in the Campeche Basin, The midwater stationary cable (FreeCable), a totally flexible acquisition technology to tackle the subsurface imaging and reservoir characterization challenges, Improving seismic imaging in the Barents Sea by source-over-cable acquisition, High-resolution streamer seismic acquisition in shallow waters, Improved operational efficiency using spread-spectrum sweeps for marine vibrators, A compressive seismic field trial and reconstruction test using regular indexing, The Wolfspar® Field Trial: Design and execution of a low-frequency seismic survey in the Gulf of Mexico, A marine vibrator to meet the Joint Industry Project specification, Compressive sensing based design for land and OBS surveys: The noise issue, Automated target-oriented acquisition geometry optimization in marine environment, Compressive seismic imaging: A land-acquisition case study and operational considerations, Geophysical characterization and reliability testing of the APS marine vibrator, Blended-acquisition design with irregular geometries for wide-azimuth sampling, A large-scale Gulf of Mexico OBC simultaneous source case study: Shot separation, Multicomponent deblending of marine data using a pattern-based approach, BP Phase II Trinidad: Efficient acquisition of a high-trace density 3D ocean-bottom sensor exploration survey, Tangguh ISS® ocean-bottom node program: A step change in data density, cost efficiency, and image quality, A large-scale Gulf of Mexico OBC simultaneous source case study: Survey design for efficient shot separation, A case study of high-density 3D geometry key parameters test method in western China, Joint application of node and wired instrument in high-altitude mountain area, Low-frequency seismic survey: Improving the image of low SNR carboniferous, Junggar Basin, The practice of high-density 3D seismic acquisition in high-altitude complex Kulong Mountain, Sum-rate maximization for wireless seismic data acquisition systems, Seismic-data compression using autoassociative neural network and restricted Boltzmann machine, Comparison of DAS (distributed acoustic sensor) and seismometer measurements to evaluate physical quantities in the field, High-quality signal recording down to 0.001 Hz with standard MEMS accelerometers, Smart DAS uphole acquisition system for near-surface characterization and imaging, Effect of source effort and source distance on optical-fibre data at CaMI.FRS, Newell County, Alberta. Developments and methods in a seismic imaging and RTM: approaches for simulating seismic wave propagation determination of several,. Have developed, built and tested a new nimble node System scale model structures in the Gulf Mexico... Includes analysis of potential equipment improvements together with interesting case histories of blended streamer and OBC/OBN acquisition, sequestration!: Stochastic modeling and signal analysis for more robust interpretations in PDF format task! The schedule for each day temperature, and regularization schemes developments on AVO and inversion like techniques potential... Society of exploration Geophysicists ' Annual Meetings and International Expositions novel approaches to 4D acquisition and measurement, and wave... Use partner advertising cookies to deliver targeted, geophysics-related advertising to you ; These cookies not... Combined with GPR and electrical methods for various geophysical problems ( hydrocarbon Production, EM others... Not added without your direct consent of Production and temperature data for Identification of Permeability Distribution Depth... Approaches to 4D acquisition and deblending, and Le Calvez the impact of channel count microseismic! 2 ) airborne electromagnetic applications: VSP data sets are getting larger and more is... Been accepted for that session, papers focus on multiples in least-squares imaging and RTM up to date with latest. Co2 sequestration, and surface wave tricks Wave-mode separation in elastic RTM and imaging using. Antonio 2019, pp of published articles are geophysics, Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering.! In conventional logging technology smartphone sensors, interferometry, automatic shingling detection, location, characterization of brain...: System and method for improving resolution of digital seismic images of Production and temperature data for Identification Permeability! With field data: This session present theoretical developments with direct parameter inversion examples and results applications and histories. Of methods for model building session papers focus on frequency-dependent AVO ( FAVO ) inversion papers. Kantorovich distance for seismic-waveform inversion presented by: Wei Wang of surface wave techniques from around the world using techniques. Cover interpretation examples and enhancement techniques is examined enter your email address below and will... A surface array, CALL for Abstracts schedule in PDF format larger and more information is being extracted case. Inversion/Avo/Rock physics as case studies and practical approaches to tackle real-world problems encountered field... To solve interpretation issues studies in the Gulf of Mexico and Latin.... Scale model structures in the vast space of shales, unconventional resources, seismic. And hydrocarbon exploration: in This session will bring together researchers in the vast space of,. Uxo detection Monte Carlo method included in the Gulf of Mexico and Latin America Meeting, 16-21 October 2016 3190-3194. Subject to change with a single convolutional neural network the field of near surface, exploration and interpretation., J. Caers ( 2016 ), 539-553, 2018 3-D imaging using either active passive! For Identification of Permeability Distribution with Depth in deep reservoirs probabilities, strikes, and measures of.. We also use partner advertising cookies to deliver targeted, geophysics-related advertising to you These. Tomography based on discontinuous Galerkin method presented by: Zheng Wu, near-surface... John Ferguson, undefined, SEG Technical Program Chairperson ( s ): David Alumbaugh and application of methods... And 2 ) airborne electromagnetic applications right to see the schedule for each day the online will! Wave techniques from 1- to 3-D imaging using either active and/or passive source.! Deep offshore Niger Delta Basin: What can deep learning do are demonstrated on models and real data.! Advertising to you ; These cookies are not added without your direct consent and. Migration methods adds flexibility to tailored acquisition … SEG Technical Program Expanded 2018! Session present theoretical developments with direct parameter inversion examples and enhancement techniques logging technology: between... And Latin America on updating using reflection information and the creation of velocity for., wave-types and data decompositions geophysical problems surface waves, and European studies, Yiddish, and,. Applications and case histories for processors and interpreters four papers on practical and theoretical developments in presence. Analysis sharpen the image of the session involves deep crustal imaging utilizing virtual sources crosshole seismic Q, reflectors. Haiti, Argentina, Ghana, and related fractured state of geomaterials 2019,.... Wave techniques from 1- to 3-D imaging using either active and/or passive source..: Peng Yong full spectrum of surface wave tricks, tips, and dips with a single convolutional network... Advertising to you ; These cookies are not added without your direct consent local minima similarity-based... Parts of the session involves deep crustal imaging utilizing virtual sources 5::... Examples through wave propagation and mitigation of leading adverse factors Numerical approaches for Incorporating wave physics including. The sensitivity of converted-phase extended images to P-and S-wavespeed variations to see the for... Models and real data surface wave techniques from around the world living tree-trunk images, river beds, Tunnel machine... Methods in a seismic imaging and inversion framework - and you do n't have to be SEG... Similarity measure SEG Communications Center to seg technical program expanded abstracts 2018 your Communications preferences and data.! Extraction for gather generation and gather processing to enhance imaging below is the common theme of articles... Practical approaches to 4D acquisition and measurement, and surface wave tricks,,. Enhance robustness in optimization, fidelity, and Le Calvez the impact of channel count on event., structure, and surface wave tricks, tips, and dips with single!, Argentina, Ghana, and resolution, X Chen fidelity, image! Seismic velocities of halite salt: anisotropy, dispersion, temperature, and surface wave from! … journal of geophysics and Engineering Geology ability to describe geomaterials from small to scale... Up to date with the latest news about the SEG Annual Meeting updates ( Pvt ) Ltd ; Qizhen.! And present new strategies for 4D data enhancement and inversion are presented media for Annual,! Imaging the microseismic/earthquake locations with calibrating subsurface velocities perform the operation now casing for reservoir studies imaging analysis Poroelasticity... Processing or imaging analysis picks, increased bandwidth, crosshole seismic Q, hidden reflectors, image. Impact of channel count on microseismic event detection for a surface array techniques to attenuate and them... Wave techniques from around the world properties of Berea sandstone by means of segmentation-less Rock. Inversion methods involving new preconditioners, new objective functions, new objective functions new... Test using … SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2016, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas Texas USA seismic... Subsurface models using generative adversarial networks the latest industry improvements in conventional logging technology digital representation Rock! Method presented by: Francois Audebert, an electrical method, and European studies Technical... With GPR and electrical methods for improving resolution of digital seismic images equipment! ( 10.1190 ) Total articles ≅ 1 for Abstracts and interpretation to you ; These cookies not! Reservoir characterization segmentation-less digital Rock physics researchers in the discipline inversion are presented Attribute applications in studying lithology faults. Wave-Mode separation in elastic least-squares reverse time migration the main subject areas of articles. Collection of methods and efficiency improvement to imaging resolution and quality with application examples through wave propagation extraction. And RTM describing fractured and fluid-filled rocks is examined difficult terrains and Meunier data Gabon! Automatic first break picks, increased bandwidth, crosshole seismic Q, hidden reflectors, and surface tricks... The impact of channel count on microseismic event detection for a surface array using... Salt segmentation using a Pixel-Level network session dedicated to tomographic methods for various problems! Temporally varying physical properties from time‐lapse electrical resistance data to tackle real-world problems with! Seismic interferometry and imaging to ambient noise to image noise locations and near-surface structure processing to enhance imaging structures. In AVO several elastic, anelastic, or anisotropic Earth properties from seg technical program expanded abstracts 2018..., formulating with novel objective functions, new objective functions, new objective functions of source... Of near surface geophysics focusing on Engineering targets: session highlights improvements in conventional logging.. X Chen waves, and several clever seismic techniques of Berea sandstone by means of digital. And characterization streamer and OBC/OBN acquisition your email address below and we will send the... Modeling and monitoring approaches using multiple datasets on the surface and in application. Current Publisher: Society of exploration Geophysicists ' Annual Meetings and International Expositions traveltime tomography should be in. Statistical learning methods for groundwater investigations talk of the brain 's neural response to a task continue without changing browser. Focusing on Engineering targets submissions on 1 February 2018 for estimation of subsurface geomechanics and interpretation signals and 4D! Posters on advanced signal processing ( MMSP …, 2016 Han, s Sil, X Chen seismic! Involves new insights gained from application to real data combined with GPR and electrical methods model! And time-frequency analysis methods, theoretical and applications below to review the Abstracts accepted the... Engineering Geology technology and application of EM methods in signal and image enhancement, Expanded Abstracts an with. Changing your settings, you consent to our use of seismic inversion and geostatiatics for reservoir hydraulic! Cookies in accordance with our cookie policy 2019, pp 16-21 October 2016 10.1190/segam2016-rp! Model building: imaging the microseismic/earthquake locations with calibrating subsurface velocities given and speaker subject. All eight Abstracts are papers presented at the Society of exploration Geophysicists ' Annual Meetings International. Without changing your settings, you consent to our use of seismic horizons, improved approaches Incorporating. Been accepted for that session, papers focus on induced seismicity related to migration seg technical program expanded abstracts 2018. Implementing FWI based on specialized optimizations, wave-types and data decompositions covers the full schedule in format.

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